Tomer Ullman

Felix Sosa

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My research focuses on the structure and origin of knowledge, guided by perspectives and methods from cognitive science, cognitive development, and computational modeling. By combining these, I hope to better understand the form and development of the basic commonsense reasoning that guides our interaction with the world and the people in it. Check out our research page and our publications to learn more.

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I use the rich space of theoretical computer science, programming languages, and evolutionary theory to rigorously advance our understanding of the generative processes behind human intelligence, how they evolved and how they develop during childhood, and how we build AI with common-sense reasoning.

Sophie Bridgers


Visiting Graduate Student (Stanford)

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I study the cognitive underpinnings of social decision-making and prosocial action. I conduct behavioral experiments with infants and young children and draw inspiration from computational modeling to formalize and test hypotheses. I am currently a visiting PhD student from Stanford where I work with Dr. Hyo Gweon and look forward to joining CoCoDev officially as a post-doc in the spring.

Lab Dog/Wizard

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I'm interested in understanding why these humans don't pet me 24/7.